The Artists of St. Francis Residences: Raul de la Torre

         Being in St. Francis is in and of itself a huge life source for Raul de la Tore, a resident artist in St. Francis Residence 3. He is encouraged when patrons buy his paintings and other art pieces because it satisfies him to see his patrons “like what they see”. This is very important for an artist like Raul.


Grasshopper; Lineoleum Print (2014)

Art means empowerment for Raul. In 1984 he received treatment in VA Hospital, being once a military personnel himself. In 2004, Raul joined the community of St. Francis Residence 3. Without any background in art, he immediately engaged with different media such as color pencils, acrylic paint, linoleum and ink print upon joining his new community.

Resurrection; Linoleum Print (2014)


No Title; Linoleum Print (2014)

Raul asserts, “I feel good. When I do art, I feel that I’m not going to get sick again. I feel busy and productive.” Overtime, he developed and found his style in the varied media he has explored.

No Title; Oil on Canvas (2015)

         Sketching and color pencils are more appealing to Raul because to him “they are not messy.” He finds dot line drawing entertaining. At the same time he prefers abstract composition because for him his art “doesn’t need to be realistic”. He finds inspiration from magazines, art books and catalogues. From them, he creates his own synthesis of his art.


Raul with his artwork

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